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Website Hosting

A website host makes your website available to the outside world. The content is placed on a web server that has been configured to display content to the public.

A web host charges a monthly fee to host your website. This fee covers things such as backups of your website and security so that your site cannot be compromised.

The charge set for hosting is a monthly ongoing charge, like a rental fee.

@netgirl we have a range of hosting packages available.

Basic Hosting
Basic hosting is ideal for starting out with your website. Our plans can be upscaled as your site and needs grow.

Basic Hosting $3.00 per month includes

  • 100mb of Web Space - the average web page is around 1mb
  • 5gig Traffic - an average website will use between 1 and 5gig of traffic per month
  • FTP file access
  • Sitebuilder software
  • Optional addons
    Website Analytics, Content Management System (Drupal or Joomla), shopping cart, blog, forum, photo gallery
  • Email mailbox

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